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Welcome to LokaCart

a tiny but mighty step towards being “Vocal for Local”

Being स्वदेशी does not just mean economical self-dependence but a proud emotion of being self-sufficient and self-reliant. Tough times of COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be eye-opener for all of us to pitch the voice of “स्वदेशी” and being a “vocal for local” in high tone.

In this mission, through a collaborative venture between academia and industry, a team of professors from IIT-Bombay and alumni have developed an android based indigenous e-commerce platform enabling MSME’s/Farmers for their e-commercialization. This platform automates the process of receiving orders, bill generation and delivery processing through mobile.

But Alas!! I am neither a vendor nor famer but just a common consumer is it of any help to me? Surely, a big yes!! You can pick-up a store or supplier (vendor/farmer/self-help group) nearby you, get yourself and them registered on this App - free of cost and start using the App. Yes you have “E-commercialized”. That’s so easy and you have now become a part of mission of being “Vocal for Local”!!